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Therapeutic Acupressure

Acupressure and acupuncture share parallel principles and procedures, but acupressure differs by using hands, elbows, or blunt tools instead of needles to manipulate specific points on the body, aiming to alleviate pain. Both practices are based on the concept of life energy flowing through meridians in the body, and acupressure involves applying physical pressure to trigger points to clear blockages that cause pain and discomfort.

Acupoints are not necessarily located in the area of pain; they are part of a larger and intricate system. Dr. Lydia Kim, L.Ac, and other doctors at WellBeing Touch Acupuncture apply acupressure to release blockages through gentle massage and skilled pressure, promoting a return to a healthier state and reducing stress.

Acupressure's benefits can extend to full system restoration, along with significant pain reduction and a more balanced state of mind, enhancing overall well-being.

Applying Pressure to Hand and Fingers - Therapeutic Acupressure Treatment
Pressure Massage on Back - Therapeutic Acupressure Treatment
Applying Pressure with Massage Stone on Neck - Therapeutic Acupressure Treatment
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